Thousands of tourists visit San Marcos every year to float the river, but soon they may have to pay to park near the water. 

The San Marcos Parks and Recreation board recommended to city council, to charge out-of-towners to park. 

On Wednesday, the city council decided to look into the recommendation. 

Some who live there think it will keep the water clean.

"It gives a limit to the people who come and wade in our river, since we have this rule to keep it clean," said Shack Koza. "I feel like if too many people come, one will break the rules."

Others believe enjoying nature should be free. 

"I think people should have the freedom to come down here and enjoy nature as they please," said Kyle Turner.


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The assistant director of Parks and Recreation said the next step is for either the mayor or two San Marcos City Council members to put this resolution on a future agenda for discussion.

She said there is no guarantee that will happen.

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