One of the latest videos shot by Julian Reyes with Peaceful Streets Project involves a member of the police force, Ken Casaday.

Casaday is the President of the Austin Police Association and Reyes has now filed a complaint with the Office of the Police Monitor. The video, which was shot just after 2 a.m. on June 18, starts off showing a typical night on Sixth Street. But then you see an Austin Police officer point at a man in the crowd who appears to be drunk. The video does not have any audio and we don't know what was said by the officer or the man.

Casaday told KVUE Wednesday that police received a call about a disturbance involving a man at Toulouse Bar on Sixth Street. Shortly after the video begins, you see a man touch a horse in the mounted unit. Seconds later, things take a turn. The video shows officers, including a man they say is Casaday, trying to restrain him.

The video shows Casaday motioning in a manner that looks like he punched the man in the back of his head. After the scuffle, the man was placed in handcuffs. Peaceful Streets Project Founder Antonio Buehler feels Casaday's actions need to be investigated by the Office of the Police Monitor.

“That's assault. There's nowhere in the guidelines of their policies that suggest it’s okay to punch someone who is not a risk to anyone in the back of the head. That could kill someone,” Buehler said.

Casaday is not being investigated so far. APD would not comment on the case.