Another Austin start-up is getting national acclaim.

Forbes is featuring the co-founder of VERTS Mediterranean Grill on its annual "30 Under 30" list.

Dominik Stein founded VERTS with business partner Michael Heyne in 2011, just days after both graduated from the University of Texas.

"It's a great school, a great program,” said Stein. “And I had an opportunity to do the MBA, which is a very prestigious degree."

Studying at UT, Stein missed street food from his native Germany.

"From the initial idea of just bringing our beloved food from Europe, we actually said okay – let's make it a little more sophisticated," said Stein.

So he and Heyne started their first restaurant with a Mediterranean concept, and it has proven to be popular.

Students regularly line up at the original VERTS on Guadalupe at the UT campus before it opens.

"They have a really good selection of different proteins and vegetables," said Kyle Wilhite, a VERTS customer. "You can pretty much build and customize your own meal."

It’s a concept similar to Chipotle, where you pick and choose a base food item and add toppings.

With 26 locations and 20 planned for 2017, many of them on the East Coast, Stein – a self-proclaimed workaholic – is already achieving national success in the states.

"We want to be the restaurant that's the go-to restaurant for healthy, high-quality Mediterranean food,” said Stein.