This verify got our taste buds excited.

Maybe you've seen it on Facebook -- a post that claims expecting moms can get some free grub from Chick-fil-A, everything from nuggets to a gallon of lemonade.

Sounds amazing right?

We called Chick-fil-A's corporate office and we can verify a program like this does exist.

It started at a Houston location as a random act of kindness, but here's the catch: You have to live within three miles of that Houston restaurant and sign up in order to get the meal deal.

That deal includes a nugget tray, two fruit cups, waffle fries, six cookies and a baby blanket.

So what about around here?

We called several locations in the Austin area and none of them are participating or know any location that is.

Since they're independently owned though, you never know, the deal could pop up here in the future.

To wrap up, the "expecting moms" program does exist, but none of the Chick-fil-As here in Central Texas are doing it right now.


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