From diving in the pool to swimming laps, it's no wonder why this outdoor swimming pool attracts so many. It’s filled entirely with water from a natural spring, the kind of water some people think is prime for replenishing their body.

There are several companies all over social media saying that tap water has too many chemicals.

Bottled spring water is off the list. Raw water drinkers say filtration removes the "good stuff." Barton Springs pool is listed as a place to get natural spring water. So, should you drink from it?

David Johns is a hydro-geologist and program manager for the City of Austin Watershed Protection Department. Johns told us the obvious raw water can have bacteria in it. The Barton Springs Pool can take on storm water run-off and because of that there's not much treatment to the water.

“If you drink this water, you are doing so at your own risk,” Johns said.

The water is tested twice a week for bacteria like E. coli.

“The E. coli won't make you sick but they are an indicator of other pathogens that might be present in the water,” Johns said.

Johns believes people are getting water from springs that are in remote areas but, for Austin, most of the major springs are in the city, which makes a big difference

“There are some smaller springs around that may seem like they're in a remote area, but you don't know where that water is coming from. It could be coming from several miles away where there is major roadway or there is a ranch or something,” Johns said.

So, bottom line, drinking raw water is a risk but it's one some people are willing to take.

“My suggestion is to stick with filtered water. If you are concerned about chlorine, put a filtration system with a carbon filter on your tap at home,” Johns said.

While companies doing this say they regularly test their spring water, there are just too many red flags about drinking Barton Springs water, so we can verify it's not safe. This one is false.


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