KVUE is working to Verify information about the Austin serial bomber to sort fact from fiction on the internet.

A reddit.com user by the name of "Austinbomber," created a post on the site Tuesday claiming responsibility for the explosions and offering to answer questions.

Several users contacted KVUE asking us about the thread.

At the time of this article, police had not confirmed whether there is any connection between the author of the posts and the bombings, and the author did not write or post any evidence that would back up the online claims.

Reddit.com also banned the "austinbomber" username and deleted all comments.

Austin Police Spokesperson Anna Sabana confirmed that the department was aware of the reddit.com thread and had added it to its investigation.

In the "Ask Me Anything" (AMA) thread, the author claimed that his or her motivations were not racially motivated.

"I am doing this simply because I want to watch the world to burn (sic)," user "Austinbomber" wrote.

KVUE can Verify there was a post by an individual claiming to be the bomber on Reddit Tuesday, but we cannot Verify that this individual is connected to the bombings. Until officials can verify whether this user is an imposter or anything more, KVUE will not share the links to the Reddit thread in question or any more information about what was written.


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