Be prepared for more backups on Interstate Highway 35.

The Texas Department of Transportation Wednesday broke ground on some major construction that will span from Rundberg Lane in the North to 290 in the South. About three miles.

TxDOT will first build a new bridge at St. John’s Avenue to add U-turn lanes. But the major overhaul is three new ramps at the intersection of 183 and I-35.

A ramp will connect 183 North to I-35 North. Another will connect I-35 South to 183 South. And a third ramp will connect I-35 south to 183 North.

The two existing ramps will stay. They connect 183 South to I-35 South and I-35 North to 183 North.

TxDOT I-35 North to 183 North, where’s there’s often a backup, will be changed.

"We are going to reduce the grade there so it's not so hard for trucks to get up that hill,” said Diann Hodges, TxDOT spokeswoman.

Other improvements on I-35 will include extension of exit and entrance ramps along with changes the shoulders.

There will also be pedestrian and bike improvements.

"We are doing to do this as safely and as efficiently as we can,” said Diann Hodges with TxDOT. “We are going to get in and get out as quickly as we can. And once it's complete, people will really enjoy the benefits of these new flyovers."

The project does not include tolls, it costs about $124 million and is expected to finish in the middle of 2021.

You might be wondering about I-35 in the downtown area, because it gets extremely congested there.

We asked the Texas Transportation Commission chairman about any plans to ease traffic.

He said they hope to share those ideas publicly in March.