KYLE, Texas — Just like any nine-year-olds, Gunnar Franchione and Owen Sirmons can be found playing video games.

Their friendship was crafted on the Play-Doh table during their first day of kindergarten. It's been four and a half years since then -- or as they describe it, "longer than Fortnite has been out."

"They've been best friends since the first day they've met," Rebecca, Gunnar's mom, said.

Even though when they play games, Gunnar now uses a traditional controller and Owen an adaptive one, they don't see any difference between them.

Owen was born with Escobar's Syndrome, a rare genetic disease.

But together, the two share special handshakes involving the names of Justin Bieber, Michelle and Barack Obama and Donald Trump.

But they also like to dance together to their favorite Fortnite dances.

"I don't know where half of this stuff even comes from. They feed off each other," Erica, Owen's mom, said.

So, when Erica heard of a chance to star in a commercial, she felt the two boys needed to audition together. They did Skype and phone interviews with Microsoft and the director of the commercial for a week.

After being picked together, they were flown to Vancouver, Canada for the shoot.

"Flying to Canada was extremely fun," Owen said.

"Like, it was great," Erica said. "The whole trip was amazing and fun for them to do it together."

"They just said their friendship is what the world should be," Rebecca said. "I mean, no one should see the difference and if the world was like them, it would be such a better place."

Because at the end of the day, Owen and Gunnar both just want to spend time with their best friend.