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Austin ISD high school removes bathroom doors, not stall doors

Travis Early College High School issued the clarification after headlines reported the school removed doors due to "safety concerns."
Credit: John Gusky

AUSTIN, Texas — One Austin ISD high school clarified Wednesday that it has removed bathroom doors, but not stall doors.

Travis Early College High School said in a post on the Austin ISD website that the exterior doors to the bathrooms were removed, leaving only stall doors for students to use.

The post came in response to a "myth" that "recently made international headlines," that the high school removed bathroom doors due to "safety concerns."

The post went on to say that the Office of School Leadership surveyed 18 high school campuses in regard to bathroom doors and found that half of them either do not have exterior doors or prop them open anyways. 

Additionally, newer campuses like Eastside Early College High School and International High School don't have doors at all, according to the post. All bathrooms are gender neutral stalls that lock.

"The bottom line: We're not making students use the restroom out in the open," the post read. 

Although the post by the school did not clarify exactly why the bathroom doors were removed to begin with, the school did say that it would continue to search for ways to increase safety on campuses and keep students safe.


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