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A child, a package and a thief | East Travis County woman perplexed over package delivery, theft

The alleged theft happened Saturday afternoon.

AUSTIN, Texas — You've probably read a lot of stories about package thefts, but this wasn't your typical package delivery.

"It's just so close together and everything that happened is so weird," Lisa Geshell told KVUE on Monday.

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Her home surveillance camera captured on Saturday what appeared to be a child wearing a FedEx uniform exit a delivery truck before dropping a package off on her porch.

"After reviewing it a couple of items, I realize that it looks like a child in a FedEx uniform – not knocking, not ringing – and then skipping back to the FedEx truck," Geshell said.

Then you can see the actual FedEx driver back the truck up. Not a minute later, a car pops up in front of the house – and a passenger steals the package.

"You can sort-of see their face over the car, but it's a home video, home camera system. It's not great video," Geshell said.

It's the first time she's had a package stolen from her home off of Los Olivios Way in East Travis County. She suspects the FedEx truck driver and the thief worked together.

"The timing of it, how there is a child in a delivery guy's uniform and how it backed up and then the car was immediately there. It just seems too much to have been a coincidence," Geshell said.

FedEx isn't telling her much, either.

"They took my statement. They got the videos from me and I haven't heard anything back from them," Geshell said.

In a statement to KVUE, FedEx said:

"We are reviewing all aspects of the circumstances around this delivery and will get to the bottom of it. The security of our customers’ shipments is a top priority and we will work directly with our customer in this case to resolve any claims.”

Geshell hopes the videos her camera captured will help detectives get to the bottom of it and catch the thief.

"I thought it was enough of a deterrent to have just the camera. And clearly, it's not anymore," she said.

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She also got herself a second camera, hoping this one will help capture another strange delivery – or theft.

Geshell filed a report with Travis County Sheriff's Office. A spokesperson told KVUE the case is open.


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