The Travis County Commissions court filed a lawsuit Thursday afternoon to stop a Del Valle pool from opening because of health concerns. According to the county, NLand Surf Park doesn't meet the minimum requirements of a public pool under state law.

In a press release, county officials said that on the 160-acre property of NLand Surf Park the venue will use approximately 11 million gallons of rainwater run-off that isn't safe to drink. It also won't be filtered or treated in the manner required under state law.

The county also highlighted the recent death of an 18-year-old man after he suffered a suspected amoeba infection at a similarly-sized whitewater rafting course in Charlotte, N.C.

The county said they contacted the developer two years ago, but the person has yet to apply for the necessary permits under state law.

The developer states the pool will be open to the public within weeks regardless.

Travis County said they will not provide any further comments on the lawsuit regarding NLand Surf Park at this time due to pending litigation.