Organizers of the Texas Book Festival said 1,000 people showed up to see Tom Hanks talk about his new book, "Uncommon Type: Some Stories."

The actor and author discussed his career and why he decided to start writing.

Hanks even read a portion of his book to the crowd.

He kept people laughing throughout the event, including in the question-and-answer session, where he joked that his next book would be about his time in Austin.

“The book is going to be about books, books, books, books, books, books and tacos,” Hanks said as the crowd erupted with cheers and applause. “And I believe I'll come back here and talk about it someday.”

The highlight of the event came toward the end of the question-and-answer session when Hanks said he was bored of being asked questions and that he wanted to ask one himself.

“Here's Ryan's question, and it's for Nikki Young,” Hanks said with a smile. “Nikki, will you marry me?”

Hanks greeted the couple in the front row and ushered them on stage where Ryan McFarling proposed.

Hanks gave them a big hug and snapped a few pics with the future bride and groom.