Joining hundreds of cities across the U.S. for Women's March 2018, thousands of women and men marched down Congress Avenue in Austin to the Texas State Capitol Saturday.

Hours before, hundreds of people rallied outside Austin City Hall to call for President Donald Trump's impeachment.

Austin Police and DPS troopers were on high alert and kept an eye on the crowd.

But just minutes before the rally began, there was tension between rally members and a small group of counter-protesters.

"I wish y'all would get over your huge loss already," counter-protester Vickie Williams said.

Things quickly calmed down, and speakers eventually took the stage. They touched on topics like immigration and DACA to women's rights and President Trump's decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

"Any change to an already untenable status quo in Jerusalem has the potential to spark deadly violence," rally organizer Glenda McKinney said.

Although the rally was mostly peaceful, at one point, a counter-protester got on stage and interrupted a speaker.

"They support Antifa violence," the counter-protester said, before a rally member jumped on stage, stole the counter-protester's Make America Great Again hat, and ran away.

Police detained both men.

As the rally came to an end, women and men dressed as handmaids led a march to the Texas State Capitol.

There, thousands of people stood at the Capitol's front lawn and heard from speakers like State Rep. Donna Howard.

"There's enough to be addressed to fill our plates and more. That's why it's so important for all of you to be here at the capitol," Howard said.

One of the final speakers was former State Sen. Wendy Davis, who delivered her final remarks with a message of hope for her supporters.

"You, my amazing, feminist friends, you're remarkable," Davis said. "And you are going to change the world one deed at a time."