BASTROP COUNTY, Texas — An organization that's helping survivors of child sex trafficking get back on their feet could use your help.

The Refuge is in need of donations.

The 50-acre facility in Bastrop County helps young girls recover from trauma.

Steven Phenix with The Refuge said it costs about $400 a day to take care of the girls and run the facility. Donations are a big part of how they're able to do this. We met up with one of the companies that helped design some of the cottages for the girls free of charge.

Phenix said The Refuge Ranch is the largest long-term live-in facility for child sex trafficking survivors in the country. Their survivors can receive therapy for some of the trauma that they went through. 

Bastrop County organization fighting sex trafficking in need of donations

The organization just celebrated it's first full year in operation over the summer. They're helping 17 girls right now, ages 11 to 19. The girls have their own bedroom and bathroom.

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STG Design is one of the companies that's been there from the start. They helped design two cottages for the girls to help them heal.

“Natural materials,” said Kaitlin Hogan, a designer with STG. “We looked at wood, cork, really like soft, natural products. For colors, it was like blues and greens that just are like more calming for the girls but I think also for like each room we made it a point to make each one different so that it was personalized to each girl so they could have something of their own.”

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Phoenix said the attention to detail really makes a difference.

“When a child walks through that door and sees the beauty that they've put into it and the time and talent, it helps that kid feel that 'I’m worth something,'” said Phoenix.

Texas ranks second-worst in the country when it comes to child sex trafficking. A University of Texas report shows nearly 80,000 minors in the state are victims. 

The Refuge has a goal of reaching full capacity by 2020. That means it needs to be able to fill all 48 beds.

That's where you come in. 

You can donate money, as well as clothing, medical supplies, or home goods. There is a full list of ways you can help.

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