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Meet the mom and daughter duo behind Lulu's in South Austin

Inspired by the tastes and sights of Mexico City, Lourdes Garcia and her daughter, Maritza Gonzales, are spicing up South Austin.

AUSTIN, Texas — International Women's Day is celebrated around the world on March 8 to honor the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. 

Women are continuing to make their mark in Austin. According to the latest data received from the Austin Chamber of Commerce, in 2020, there were more than 10,000 women-owned businesses in Austin compared to the nearly 26,000 businesses owned by men.

One local mother-daughter duo is making a name for themselves by bringing a taste of Mexico City to South Austin with their bar, Lulu's.

In October 2022, Lourdes Garcia and her daughter, Maritza Gonzales, opened Lulu's. The name was chosen because it's Garcia's nickname and Gonzales' middle name. 

Credit: Dominique Newland

Gonzales grew up down the street from the bar's location and said her parents have always been small business owners who had a passion to open a bar. 

"Having the opportunity to open one specifically in this area – because I grew up just down the street – was kind of just like a dream come true for my parents. And I got pulled into it essentially. But it's been great just because my dad and my husband helped to actually build the bar, and then my mom and I did the interior together," Gonzales said.

The mother-daughter duo decorated the interior of the bar, pulling inspiration from cafes and restaurants in Mexico City, where Garcia is from. Incorporating neutral tones and live greenery creates a special twist to the duo's bar. 

"I love the family-owned [aspect]. That's means a lot, you know, because we're having my daughter, our son-in-law involved in in this new project, in this new business. I love that we're working together as a family. That means a lot," Garcia said.

Credit: Dominique Newland
Credit: Dominique Newland

Lulu's serves up Mexican-style cocktails including auguas frescas and fresh juices in all of their drinks. Gonzales' cousin, Luis Garcia, curated all of their cocktails, including spicy margaritas, palomita and señor mezcal. 

"We offer the fresh juices for people who don't necessarily like to drink, but you can also make it boozy. So you can add whatever liquor you'd like to it. So I haven't been really anywhere that that offers something like that. So I feel like that's definitely the most unique aspect of the bar," Gonzales said.

The pair said that for other women entrepreneurs or women looking to start a business, you first have to believe in yourself and your passion. 

"I think we're lucky because we have a support system, and we can lean on each other. But even if you don't have that, just kind of believe in yourself and what your whatever the passion is that you're looking to pursue," Gonzales said. "Don't be afraid to do it because I feel like, nowadays, it's important for for women, especially women of color, to really be driven to to pursue their dreams and know that it can be done."

Lulu's is located at 10402 Menchaca Road, Building C, and allows children in the bar until 6 p.m. Dogs are also welcome and allowed on the outdoor patio. 

The Austin Chamber of Commerce encourages any entrepreneurs or those wanting to start a business to go to its website to find information about funding, contacts and events. 

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