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Texas employers firing alleged rioters who have been identified following viral videos at the US Capitol

An Austin employment attorney weighs in on how employers are able to respond to the videos surfacing.

AUSTIN, Texas — Some of the rioters who stormed the U.S. Capitol this week are Texans, and more information is starting to surface about their lives.

It's pretty normal to have a private life outside of work or even a different version of yourself. But what happens when that private life is brought to light in a viral video for the world to see? Could it impact your job status? Austin employment attorney Jennifer Ward said in Texas the answer is yes. 

"Texas truly is an employment-at-will state, and so what that means [is] the default rule is that employers can terminate as long as there's not a particular law that you can turn to saying that termination is illegal," said Ward.

She said the fact these events were recorded and shared makes it hard for the employee to fight against it.

"Employees have a right to privacy, so on the one hand, you do have that and anything that you are doing outside of work under private circumstances, you would expect your employer can't access, but of course things we put on social media aren't private; you don't have much of a leg to stand on," said Ward.

One Texas attorney, Paul Davis, was reportedly fired from Goosehead Insurance after posting videos of himself inside the Capitol.

Other Texans facing repercussions include former Midland Mayoral Candidate Jenny Cudd. 

Current Midland Mayor Patrick Payton shared his thoughts in a press conference.

"It saddens me, and that's as far as I'm willing to comment on that. It saddens me," said Mayor Payton.

The FBI is now asking for the public's help to identify others in the images and to come forward with information.


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