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'This family has seen their fair share of loss' | Father pleads for justice after his third child dies

William Bell has had to bury three of his kids. His daughter, Amoreena Bell, was struck and killed by a vehicle last month. Now, he wants the driver to face justice.

HOUSTON — A heartbroken father is hoping the public can help him find the person responsible for killing his daughter.

Amoreena Bell, 45, was hit and killed by a vehicle on April 14, three days before Easter. It happened along Highway 6 near Pine Forest Lane, in northwest Houston.

It's not the first tragedy William Bell has been forced to endure. Three of his children have died. Amoreena is the second to be struck and killed by a vehicle.

"My oldest daughter died from a disease. My son was run over and killed in San Antonio, and now his sister was run over and killed here in Houston," Bell said. "This family has seen their fair share of loss."

He's hoping someone comes forward with information that helps them catch the person who was driving. He said investigators have told him they've had no luck in the case to this point.

"She was beautiful ... always beautiful," Bell said with tears in his eyes while talking about Amoreena. "She was very caring. She loved everyone. She took care of many, many, many people, including me."

The person who was driving the vehicle that struck Amoreena left the scene. Bell didn't get the news until Easter Sunday.

"It was three days afterward. They had to identify her by her fingerprints because that's all they had," he said.

Bell said that not having closure on Amoreena's death has been hard on the family. He's hoping that someone who knows something about what happened can help them get the justice Amoreena deserves.

"Somebody has to know something, OK. So, I am asking for those people to please come forward. Please. We need your help," he said.

Amoreena's husband died a few years ago. She was living with her boyfriend in the area where she was struck and killed.

Investigators aren't sure why Amoreena was walking along the road at the time she was struck.

Anyone with information about what happened is asked to contact the police.

The family is planning a memorial for Amoreena later this month.

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