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Texas tops list for growth even though the rate has slowed

Large population growth continues in Texas.

AUSTIN, Texas — Texas has been growing rapidly over the past few years, in fact it has grown faster than any other state.

Since 2006, Texas has taken top honor as the state that has added more people than the rest of the United States, according to the Austin Statesman.

An article by the Statesman said the growth this year, which is gathered by the U.S. Census, was by 1.3 percent, which is not as high as last year's 1.4 percent.


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Lila Valencia is a senior demographer with the Texas Demographic Center and told the Austin-American Statesman the increase in Texas' population puts it on track to gain about three congressional seats, depending on the gains or losses in other states.

Valencia said, about half of the rise in population comes from births, the other half coming from people moving to the state, which is a trend in Texas since 2010.

The U.S. Census will begin counting every resident in the country in 2020. The Constitution requires the census count to take place every 10 years.

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