Central Texas foodies have another food truck to enjoy in Austin. 'Melted' opened Saturday but this grilled cheese food truck is different from others, which is why Aaron Esserman agreed to the executive chef job. He had free rein to come up with different grill cheese sandwiches.

"I like the Bulgogi Monster...It's a little spicy so it's very unique as far as the kimchi goes and the sirloin is a prime sirloin that we marinate for three days," said Chef Esserman.

As excited as Esserman is about his one of a kind creations, he's even more inspired by this food truck's mission. A mission started by 16-year-old, Anna Hutto, a high school junior out of Tyler.

"Most Americans, and specifically teenagers, don't know that slavery still exists. Everyone thinks oh that happened a long time ago and nobody does that whatever but there's 45 millions people still stuck in slavery," said Hutto.

That's why Hutto is giving 100 percent of Melted's profits to the International Justice Mission, an international non profit group that helps victims of human trafficking.

She first learned about human trafficking through a Ted talk. Ted Talks is a non profit group that features short talks about different topics. So she borrowed $200,000 from her parents and came up with Melted.

"Grilled cheese is something that everybody loves and something that you can do a lot of different twists off of. It's a comfort food and brings you back to your past and it was just very fitting for Austin," said Hutto.

The 16-year-old soon to be junior plans to visit Austin monthly while she finishes high school in Tyler.

That may change if Hutto decides to attend the University of Texas, like her older brother.

Melted is closed Sundays and Mondays. It will change location sites. Schedules are posted weekly on their website.