Texas joined Arkansas and 21 other states in a lawsuit against the state of Delaware that Attorney General Ken Paxton is taking straight to the United States Supreme Court.

Attorney General Paxton made the announcement about the lawsuit in Washington Thursday. Texas and the other states are seeking to revert approximately $150 million from Delaware to owners in 21 states.

The states accuse MoneyGram and Delaware violated the Federal Disposition Act. According to the lawsuit, the states claim that Moneygram gave all unpresented and uncashed checks to the state of Delaware instead of the state where the money order, travelers check, or other instrument was bought.

Paxton said the state of Texas could be owed as much as $10 million and if all other states in the country joined the lawsuit, the final amount owed by Delaware could top $400 million.

“We are committed to get this money for unclaimed MoneyGram checks reverted to the States, claiming what rightfully belongs to our taxpayers,” Paxton said in a statement.

The case is being taken straight to the Supreme Court because it’s a dispute between states.

Paxton has sued the federal government and now another state in recent weeks as he continues to battle his own legal problems at both the state and federal level. Paxton is under indictment in Texas and is facing SEC charges as well.