Editors Note: The original article stated the attack happened Tuesday night. We've updated this story with the correct date and time.

In the midst of various reports about creepy clowns sending threats to schools across the country, Texas State University confirms one of their students was assaulted by a man in a clown costume Monday night.

According to an email sent to faculty and staff from school officials, the incident happened at 7:00 p.m. at the Bobcat Village Apartments located in the 1301 block of Aquarena Springs Drive.

The victim described the suspect to police as 6-foot-2 with an athletic build. The suspect was observed wearing a black and white striped jumpsuit clown costume, a green wig, and his face was painted with black and white eyes.

The victim said the alleged clown tried to grab her before she could pull away. The suspect then left in an unknown direction, according to University police.

Texas State University police said the investigation is ongoing.