ORANGE, Texas — More than a year after Harvey flooded their neighborhood, two families in Orange are finally back in their homes. And if that news is not exciting enough, several organization across Southeast Texas stepped up to make this Thanksgiving even more special.

Peggy Williams and Lillie Jolivette were given new appliances and utensils just in time to eat their Thanksgiving meal in the home. The two were also given an entire Thanksgiving meal and $1,000 from the Salvation Army.

Peggy and Lillie have been neighbors for 50 years. They raised their children together and have shared many special memories.

When Harvey hit last August, the pair says they were scared and talked on the phone for five hours until help arrived.

On Wednesday, several local organization and churches pitched in to give them a Thanksgiving they would never forget. Family and friends helped unload their goodies.

District 3 City Council Member, Terrie Turner Salter, spent a lot of time in their neighborhood growing up and when she heard there was a need, she stepped in and helped.

“Knowing the devastation that we had received here due to hurricane Harvey, it's just a great feeling to see them be able to move back into their homes just in time for Thanksgiving," said Terrie Turner Salter.

Lillie and Peggy are giving thanks this holiday season to all who helped make this year even more special.

The organization involved in getting them back into their homes are Texas Baptist Men, the Salvation Army, Catholic Charity and Shalom Builders, SETX Civilian Taskforce, Orange Christian Services.

If you are still struggling after Harvey contact the SETX Civilian Taskforce: