AUSTIN — The Texas State Capitol will be busy again Tuesday as lawmakers return for the second day of bill filing ahead of the upcoming legislative session.

Lawmakers submitted 428 bills and 24 amendments Monday, Nov. 12.

Here's a breakdown of just a few of them.

One bill proposed would outlaw firearms without a serial number. That bill was created in the wake of the 3D-printed gun controversy sparked by the Austin-based company, Defense Distributed.

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There are also multiple bills aiming to loosen marijuana laws, including one that would make it a civil offense to be caught with less than one ounce of weed. Right now, it's a criminal offense.

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Another bill aims to scrap daylight saving time in Texas. Texas Representative Lyle Larson (R) of San Antonio introduced House Bill 49: Texas Loves Sunshine Act. House Bill 49 would allow Texas to skip out on changing their clocks twice a year with the rest of the nation.

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