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Texas Honey Hole spreads joy through candy in Liberty Hill

Candy makes most of us happy, which is what Texas Honey Hole in Liberty Hill is hoping to help with.

LIBERTY HILL, Texas — When was the last time you walked into a store and walked out with a bag full of candy? Whenever it was, I'm almost positive you were a little happier.

In the Heart of Liberty Hill, there's a place that delivers joy. It's called Texas Honey Hole, and they sell candy from all around the country.

"Liberty Hill doesn't have a candy store," explained Jodi McCumber, the owner. "We go places and we try candies and it's like, 'Oh, I miss this from when I was younger."

It's a way to transport you to the memories you have with candy.

Even through a pandemic, they've felt the love from their community. 

"We opened July 1, so in literally the middle of a pandemic," she said. "The amount of support from our community has just been amazing. Liberty Hill is unlike any other town I have ever been in when it comes to community support."

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A community they hope to spread joy to.

"There is nothing that fills our heart with more joy than to see these little kids come in and freak out, because there's so much candy and they've never seen that before," she added.

Connecting with those in the community, and spreading joy one piece of candy at a time.

"And I think that's a big part of it for us," said Jodi. "Building up that relationship."


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