Austin — AUSTIN -- Car and air conditioning repair experts see a jump in business when temperatures rise like they are in the Austin area.

Places like Advanced Automotive and Tire on Burnet Road, where General Manager Bill Flowers said part of the reason is because tires don't stand a chance against the blazing hot sun.

"Just because the concrete gets so hot the tires are always flexing, and so the air inside the tires also gets hot, and so it's just a lot of heat combined into one little spot," said Flowers.

He said that heat breaks down the rubber. Flowers said the heat is also hard on car batteries.

"Heat kills batteries. That's just the way they are ... If you had a battery that was supposed to for last 10 years here in Texas, it would only last five. And batteries only last around three," said Flowers.

Flowers said we also need to watch out for the AC system and engine cooling system. Both need regular maintenance.

Home AC units also need regular maintenance, according to Darren Sullivan, an HVAC specialist with ABC Home & Commercial Services.

Especially now.

"Summer months can be grueling for us ... This year, of course, temperatures have picked up early so we're expecting and preparing for the worst, as customers should too, and that's why we want to do our maintenance," said Sullivan.

Sullivan also said that maintenance should be done twice a year.

Once when it's warm in the spring and once when it gets cold in the winter.

That same advice applies for your car as well.

"It's cheaper to maintain a car than it is to fix it when it breaks, that's for sure," said Flowers.

Flowers recommended the best preventive thing we can do for our tires is to check their air pressure every two weeks. You don't want your tires to have too much or too little pressure.

Flowers also said we should give them a physical inspection every couple of weeks as well to make sure there's no damage.

As for AC units, ABC Home & Commercial Services recommends hosing out the outside unit once a month.