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Texas Department of Insurance warns electric scooter renters about potential insurance issues

The Texas Department of Insurance wants to remind electric scooter renters that they may be in an insurance jam if they get in a crash

The Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) has issued a warning to electric scooter renters about insurance problems they could ride into if they get in an accident.

Most scooter rental agreements inform riders that they will assume all liability in the event of an accident -- but TDI pointed out riders probably don't have coverage through home or auto insurance for if they run over something or someone. Most home policies don't cover damage caused by motorized vehicles and auto policies are unlikely to cover electric scooters.

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TDI also warned scooter riders that while their health insurance will probably cover their own injuries in the event of a crash, they're unlikely to cover the injuries of others. And if a renter lets someone else ride a scooter they rented, that can lead to other problems.

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TDI said insurance companies may start offering coverage for scooters eventually -- but as of right now, if you rent a scooter, you should check with your insurance agent to see what's covered.

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