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Teenager scares off home invaders with BB gun

Four men broke into a home in northeast Austin on Saturday morning.

AUSTIN, Texas — A teenage boy scared off intruders with his BB gun in northeast Austin near Harris Branch Parkway on Saturday morning.

Just before 8:30 a.m., 14-year-old Ratana Veasna was watching TV at home while his mom, Phal Sok, was asleep upstairs. He heard noises outside and eventually spotted four men through the window.

A next-door neighbor’s surveillance cameras spotted the four men pulling into the cul-de-sac. After Veasna chased them off, they quickly sped away.

The neighbor called 911, and within about three hours police returned her purse, Sok said, which was stolen during the break-in.

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The family’s dog, Patches, got out during the ordeal, but was found a few hours later.

Veasna said “maybe” he saved the day, but his mom knows he did.

“No. Maybe?” Sok said. “Yes -- very, very lucky. Maybe they’d [the intruders] get angry, maybe they’d kill my son and they’d kill my dog, too.”

There was no word from Austin Police Department on arrests of any of the intruders.


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