For 24 hours this past weekend the Travis County Exposition Center was taken over by a bunch of student hackers.

Their goal: to create a technology that could change the world.

"Major League Hacking is the official student hacking league," MLH Co-founder Jon Gottfried said. "A Hackathon is a 24-hour invention marathon. People come together, programmers, designers, engineers and build working prototypes of new pieces of technology. It could be a website, could be a robot or it could be a self-driving car. You never know.'

Hundreds of high school and college students from the region gathered and created some impressive tech. The finalists included a virtual reality training simulator for astronauts traveling to Mars, a program to let robots interact with elderly folks at retirement homes, fitness trackers for boxing gloves and more.

"When you talk about the bleeding edge of technology," Gottfried said of the young inventors, "we are seeing things prototyped at these hackathons that maybe will go to consumer markets in five years. So a lot of really early prototypes - a lot of things that are very experimental."

Gottfried said it takes a special student to take part in these events.

"These are the kids who are going to found the next Google or Facebook," he said. "They're at these events every weekend. They're not necessarily at football games or partying ,they're building the next technology."

And he said if you want to get involved you can find more information by checking their website.