One day, Jaan Leemet hopes to hear from his dead mother.

Leemet said that's a possibility he sees for his new start-up,, that is once the technology is available.

"There's actually systems out there today that can guess what some of the celebrities' next tweets are going to be based on their history of tweets...If actually, there was actually an avatar that kind of looked like her, used her voice and could actually give me some answers and what her character might be, it would be very interesting indeed," said Leemet.

Leemet started after he lost a voicemail from his mother, who died from ovarian cancer.

"I came to realize just how important little messages with people's voices are, how much they mean and how much they trigger for us," said Leemet.

The website allows users to create interactive memorials before they pass or others to create interactive memorials of those who have already passed. Users can also create video, audio and text messages that are sent to a list of contacts once it's time.

"Death seems to be a subject no one really wants to deal with," said Leemet. "Do them at a better time when it's not really in the hospital in a gown having lost lots of weight."

Leemet started the website on Nov. 2, which is the Day of the Dead.

There are two tiers of service. A free one that doesn't include video, just text and audio messages. And a premium service, which includes video and a lot more storage. The premium option costs $299 dollars.