An Olympic athlete has been accused of assaulting a community health paramedic while undergoing a mental health evaluation on Thursday.

According to court documents, the assistant administrator of the Austin Transitional Center Michael Cavin told police that Mandy Meloon, 36, had come back to the center after she was previously taken to an Austin hospital for mental health treatment after exposing herself during a mental health episode. When she returned to the ATC, Cavin said she told him she was seeing and hearing things that were not present.

The documents state that Cavin then called a community health paramedic to assess Meloon. Upon evaluating her for approximately one hour, a mobile crisis outreach team member was called to assist with transporting her to another facility.

While waiting for their arrival, Meloon reportedly asked the paramedic if she could get some air. The victim told police as soon as she passed him, she ran outside the facility and toward another client at the center. Meloon allegedly knocked over the other client’s water cup and tore up papers. The victim said the upset client began chasing Meloon and throwing punches but missing, and that he and Cavin were able to break up the dispute and calm them down.

Cavin and the victim reported that they told Meloon to stay sitting on the ground. When she defied their orders by getting up, the victim said he grabbed her by the arm to keep her from fleeing again and was able to subdue her.

It was then that Meloon, a former U.S. national team member, a two-time world medalist and five-time U.S. champion in Taekwando, allegedly put the victim’s right thumb into a thumblock, punched him in the right side of his abdomen, then attempted to knee him in the groin, instead making contact with the inner portion of his left thigh.

The victim said he was able to get Meloon on the ground in order to prevent another assault but said she later tried to donkey kick him again in the groin but missed.

The documents state that other staff members arrived on-site to assist in subduing the suspect until police arrived.

Meloon has been charged with assaulting a public servant. Her bond was set at $10,000.

Meloon, a former resident of San Angelo, was sentenced to two years of confinement for assaulting a sheriff’s deputy in 2016, San Angelo Live reports.