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Strong odor coming from the Mansfield Dam area at Lake Travis

A strong odor has been noticed coming from the Mansfield Dam area after floodgates were opened, but Lower Colorado River Authority officials said there is no reason to be alarmed.

LAKE TRAVIS, Texas — Due to all of the flooding across the Highland Lakes region, four flood gates have been opened at Mansfield Dam. Since those flood gates were opened, a strong odor has been coming from the dam.

According to officials with the Lower Colorado River Authority, the smell is from naturally occurring hydrogen sulfide gas from water being released through the dam.


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"The water moving through the dam is from near the bottom of Lake Travis and has low dissolved oxygen, which promotes the natural occurrence of hydrogen sulfide gas through the decay of organic material." said LCRA officials.

As water passes through the dam, the gas is released into the Lake Austin area. LCRA officials said this is a normal part of floodgate operations.

LCRA said they have monitors on-site, and the levels being released are no danger to public health.

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