AUSTIN — As the 2018 Midterm Elections come to an end, Mayor Steve Adler will keep his title as the Mayor of Austin.

With overwhelming numbers in early voting, Adler said one of his opponents called before 8 p.m. Tuesday night to concede.

"The community spoke really with one really strong voice, 61 percent is pretty overwhelming in a crowded race for me," said Adler.

Adler beat out six other candidates, including former city council member, Laura Morrison.


Incumbent Steve Adler claims victory as Austin Mayor against six challengers

City of Austin Mayoral candidates

"Tonight is the night Austin moves forward," Adler told supporters at his election night watch party.

Adler celebrated a win for not only his campaign, but also the passing of all bonds on the ballot.

"The community in a very strong and clear voice is asking us to not do things the old way, but to look forward and act in big ways, to do stuff to address our most significant challenges," said Adler.

The bond propositions will send $250 million dollars to affordable housing to create and rehab some of the affordable homes in Austin, both rental and ownership properties.

"The community tonight in as clear as voice as it could possibly have I think is demanding and expecting this next council to actually do things, to move this community forward," said Adler.

The bonds will also send money to libraries, museums, parks, flood mitigation plans, public safety and transportation infrastructure.

"These challenges will not go away because we want them to or we wish them away, it's going to take us actually doing things," said Adler.

But not everything on the ballot passed. Adler spoke out against propositions J and K. One would have required voters to approve Code Next, an overhaul of the city's land development code, and the other would have required an outside group to audit the city.

Adler, who took office in 2015, will now serve another 4-year term beginning in January.