AUSTIN, Texas — Steiner Ranch, near Lake Travis, is a community with virtually one way in and one way out.

That's not ideal in case of an emergency, so Travis County is looking at several options for an evacuation route.

Route F would cut across this portion of the Greenbelt, going through hiking trails, on towards Highway 620.

The idea of making this area a public road is something some of the area's residents aren't happy about.

"I moved here because it was quiet, safe and cozy. Like a hidden little gem," Melinda Allen, a Steiner Ranch resident who lives where Route F would start, said.

Allen is worried Steiner Ranch won't be a quiet neighborhood anymore if officials move forward with Route F to create another exit point in case of an emergency.

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"It'll be right where my kids are, right where the children of all the people I care about are playing," Allen said. "It would be so dangerous and a horrible idea."

Bob Riley lives along Bringham Drive and has similar concerns.

"We're going to get a lot of traffic in front of our house. That really is where our kids ride their bikes," Riley said.

Almost 1,000 people have already signed a petition on asking Travis County not to choose this route.

"That's a lot of people who are saying, 'Listen to us,'" Allen said. "We want to be able to leave safely during a fire, not have all this traffic in our backyard."

"It's important for the Steiner Ranch community to have a second way out in case there's an emergency," Fire Chief Robert Abbott, with Lake Travis Fire Rescue, said.

Chief Abbott said one way or another, Steiner Ranch needs another way out.

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"If we're not careful where we place these roads, in a situation like the Steiner Ranch fire in 2011, we could make things worse by putting traffic on the roads that are taxed right now," he said.

Allen just hopes officials find a solution that won't cause traffic troubles.

"We all want an evacuation road, but we don't want Route F," Allen said.

Residents of the area will be meeting with county officials within the next week to discuss what's next for this project.


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