The Transportation Commission approved a speed limit reduction along US 290 between Fredericksburg and Stonewall, the Texas Department of Transportation announced Thursday.

"Safety is our number one priority at TxDOT and we’re committed to doing what it takes to ensure our highways remain as safe as possible," said Terry McCoy, Austin District Engineer.

McCoy said that a speed study indicated the speed limit could be reduced from 70 to 60 mph.

Speed studies consider speed checks, crash history, turning movements and roadway conditions, TxDOT said.

"TxDOT investigates every major crash to see how we can prevent future recurrences," McCoy said. "We listen, we learn and we look for the proper solution. In this case, the proper solution was reduction in the speed limit."

The new speed limit signs will be installed as quickly as possible, TxDOT said.

An additional proposed project that would widen and improve US 290 to include a center-turn lane in the area is currently under consideration. TXDoT said these projects could "help make the traffic flow safer and more effectively in this corridor."