SAN MARCOS, Texas — As officials have completed the "on-scene portion" of the deadly San Marcos apartment fire that broke out July 20, investigators said Tuesday it has been determined that battery-powered smoke alarms were installed within individual apartments, the city said.

The City of San Marcos also said that inspection reports provided by the Iconic Village management company indicate that inspections of smoke alarms had recently been completed before the fire which killed five people and injured at least seven people. The last property and fire inspection was last completed at the apartment complex on May 6, 2014, the city said.


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Although the National Response Team with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives has determined the origin of the fire, the city said the final classification of the fire will be announced in the coming weeks when lab testing and analysis is complete.

“The City expresses our gratitude to the multitude of agencies and municipalities who assisted in the fire response and particularly to the ATF for their efforts and expertise displayed throughout the investigation,” said City Manager Bert Lumbreras. “In addition to the tireless efforts of Fire Chief Les Stephens and our emergency personnel, I want to commend Fire Marshal Kelly Kistner for demonstrating the aptitude and investigative knowledge that led us to make him part of the City team this past May.”