AUSTIN — A small study by Provision Living senior living communities surveyed 2,000 people about their retirement, and Austin came in as the 13th best city to retire in. Cities like Miami, San Diego and Denver were the top three.

The study also shows that 78.7 percent of those surveyed prefer to retire in the United States and 21.3 percent prefer to retire abroad. Italy is the top country for retirement, according to the survey.

The survey suggests 52 percent of Americans think about retirement four or more times per week, and baby boomers hope to retire at the age of 64 while millennials aim for 56.

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The study furthermore shows that the ideal amount of money saved to have a very enjoyable retirement is $610,000. According to the survey, in reality, the respondents expect to save around $276,000 by their retirement time.

The retired lifestyles for the surveyed citizens shows that 53 percent of the respondents believe that they would work part-time when they retire, 68 percent would become volunteers, 27 percent would consider working for dog walking apps, and 12 percent would consider working for a rideshare like Uber or Lyft.

When they were asked how they will spend their retirement time, 34.9 percent said they wanted to travel, 20.8 percent said they wanted to spend their time with family, and 14.3 percent said they just wanted to relax.

For their retirement routine, surveyed Americans said that they will have 7-8 hours for sleeping, 1-2 hours for watching TV, 1-2 hours of dining out, 2-3 hours of socializing, 3-4 hours of leisure and 2-3 hours for hobbies.