AUSTIN, Texas — The repair estimates for the Shoal Creek slope failure are getting costlier by the day, according to a new memo by the Watershed Protection Department.

So far, the work has had a price of $13.6 million. Now, the group behind the design work is calling for $7.5 million more.

"The current design-construction cost estimate is $12.5M and the requested contingency is $7.5M," officials said. "The goal of the project team is to continue value-engineering and cost containment, such that the total $20M is not necessary."

A landslide in May of last year caused extensive damage to the Shoal Creek trail near 25th Street, with successive rains causing further problems.

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The city is trying to do what it can to keep the final price tag below $20 million but says any further delays on a repair solution continue to put the public and private property at risk.

“This authorization is necessary to proceed with the design and construction of the slope repair,” Watershed Protection officials said.

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Soon, the city will begin construction on a storm drain reroute project, which is expected to be completed by September.

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