Friday, Cedar Park police continue to investigate the cause of a crash that killed two young boys -- Elijah and Daniel Chaudhary -- on Wednesday afternoon.

A woman injured in the crash remains unconscious in the hospital.

And people who drive through the Cedar Park intersection say they worry it's dangerous for drivers.

"I think every time I go through there I'm going to get T-boned, I'm going to get hit. I intentionally, purposefully stop when that light turns green just to make sure people from both directions are going to stop," said Susan Wills. "People just don't pay attention, they don't pay attention."

Several people who work in the area near 1431 and Walton Way in Cedar Park said they've seen several crashes at the intersection, but said this one is by far the worst.

One man told KVUE he could even feel the ground shake when the crash happened Wednesday.

Some people said the problem is the left-hand turn lane, saying it can be difficult to see oncoming traffic.

"People think they can make it and you've got somebody going just a little too fast, somebody's going to get hit," said Wills. "Usually people that are trying to turn off of 1431 and onto Walton Way, or people trying to make a U-turn here that are getting hit."

Wills has worked in the area for 10 years, and drives through the intersection every day.

"Everybody around here knows that's a dangerous intersection, you try to avoid it, but you can't. At one point in time you're going to have to go through that intersection," said Wills. "A lot of people don't pay attention, they're busy with their coffee, phones, whatever, you just have to take that extra second when that light turns green to make sure people are stopping."

Cedar Park police are gathering data for KVUE on the number of crashes in that area, but didn't have those for us by Friday afternoon.

Both Cedar Park and TxDOT representatives tell KVUE they have not gotten any complaints from people about that intersection. Everyone KVUE spoke with said they have not contacted city leaders with their concerns.

While people are worried about the safety of the intersection, Cedar Park police are still investigating and not sure of the cause of this crash.

They hope to have more information next week.