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Round Rock man still rebuilding one year after 2022 tornado

One of the homes impacted by the March 2022 tornado belonged to Michael Talamantez, who said he was at home when the twister came through.

ROUND ROCK, Texas — One year ago, several tornadoes came through Central Texas. 

One of those tornadoes ripped through Round Rock, resulting in $32 million dollars in damage and 700 homes being impacted by the destruction.

One of the homes impacted belonged to Michael Talamantez, who said he was at home when the tornado came through.

"It was a like a weird freight train from hell and a weird sense of pressure in the air," Talamantez said.

Talamantez rode the tornado out with his daughter and loved ones in the bathroom.

"In the bathroom, plan A. Once again, my little $8 shower curtain rod prevented a whole bunch of debris from landing on our heads, and [we're] very, very, lucky," Talamantez said. 

Talamantez said that he and his family have post-traumatic stress disorder from the tornado. The bathroom was one of few things left standing within the structure of the home. The roof was ripped off and trees barreled through the house.

"Right here is Zoe's bedroom, [and] this whole wall caved in," Talamantez said. "The tree – some tree, I don’t know if it was mine or the neighbors – it came in. The limestone blocks were thrown across bed, all the way across the side of the room."

Talamantez is just thankful that his daughter is OK following the destruction the tornado created. 

"My daughters mean the world to me. Everything is about my children," Talamantez said. 

He has lived in Round Rock for nearly 30 years.

"My mentor sold [the house] to me, it’s very special for that reason," Talamantez said. "I raised my children here and [it's] special for that reason."

One year later, Talamantez is still in the rebuilding process to bring back his special home. The home now has a new roof and framing.

"It is the place I call home and want my daughters to come back and know they have a safe haven," Talamantez said. 

Talamantez said he's doing a lot of the construction work on his own, but he has also hired some contractors.

"This is my baby – a lot of blood sweat and tears. Feels good, [but we have] a long way to go. [It] feels good for the process we have made," Talamantez said. 

The Talamantez family has a GoFundMe to help with additional funding for the reconstruction of their home following the tornado's destruction. 

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