ROUND ROCK — According to Round Rock ISD, kids should read four books this summer in order to not lose their reading skills.

To help support that initiative, the district is offering books for free all summer long.

"We know that to battle the summer slide, so our students don't lose ground over the summer, they need to read. So if they read at least four books, they will maintain. If they read more than four books, they'll actually gain a reading level," said Ami Uselman, the Director of Library services for Round Rock ISD.

It's the third year Round Rock ISD will offer a "pop-up library" at various locations throughout the summer from parks to apartment buildings.

You can either read and return the books, or keep them.

The books were recycled from the school libraries and a community book drive.

"Just wherever we can get books in the hands of our kiddos, we want them reading," said Uselman.

Uselman said there's something for everyone and you don't have to be enrolled in the district to pick up a book.

"Our goal is to just go to them, because some of our students just don't have access to books at home, parents are busy working, they don't get to go to the library or Barnes and Noble, so we're going to them," said Uselman.

For the first time, Round Rock food services will offer free food from their Rocking Fresh Food truck at the pop-up libraries on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.

Anyone 18 years old and under can get a free meal.

Find a schedule on their website here: