AUSTIN -- Austin is the fastest growing city in the country, according to Forbes, who released their newest list on Friday.

According to city of Austin demographer Ryan Robinson, approximately 110 new people move here every day.

That s a net number, including those moving in and moving out.

About 150 come in and 40 leave, Robinson told KVUE.

That number includes all five counties in the greater metropolitan area: Williamson, Travis, Hays, Bastrop and Caldwell.

However, Robinson said the boom is happening primarily in Austin.

Of all the construction in this city, all the cranes you see, it s very focused on the central city, Robinson said.

To put that number in perspective, that s an average of 40,150 new people a year -- enough to fill nearly half of the University of Texas football stadium.

The primary concern with so much growth is water, Robinson said.

We used to think we had water figured out. We made a really good deal with LCRA several years ago, and I ll have to admit I sort of failed to take into account there may not be any water in the basin, said Robinson, citing the current drought.

Traffic is also a problem.Robinson said he s a believer in the urban rail system, which the city and the Texas Department of Transportation are currently discussing.

It really will be a multi-modal solution, and it will be a change in behavior. People are just going to figure out a different way to get to and from work.We certainly can t build our way out of this from a highway construction standpoint, Robinson said.

Robinson estimates that between people moving here and the growth from natural increase, the Austin metropolitan area will surpass the 2 million population mark by early 2016.