AUSTIN, Texas — It was a reunion nine years in the making.

Laura Gattarello got her dog, Daisy, a blue heeler, from a friend in 2010.

Laura kept Daisy for about a year but decided that her three-bedroom house and small-sized yard weren't good enough for Daisy. She decided to re-home Daisy to a farm where she could run and be freer.

The new owners and Laura lost touch and, after some time had passed, an abrupt end in communication with the new owners led Laura to believe Daisy had died. Laura had Daisy's microchip marked as deceased.

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But on July 3, Laura got a call from a vet office in Tennessee, claiming they had Daisy and she was still alive and well. She broke down in tears from hearing the good news.

Her husband, kids and husband’s service dog all drove to Tennessee to pick Daisy up.

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Daisy, 10 years old now, has a mild case of heartworms and a limp in her front left leg. Aside from those two issues, the vet says she is healthy and doing well.

Laura is happy and excited to bring Daisy back into her life and introduce her to the rest of the family.

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Donations to her treatment can be made through GoFundMe.


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