AUSTIN -- Independence Day is usually a busy time for the Austin Police Department's Lake Patrol Unit. That's when boaters fill up Lake Austin.

On Wednesday morning, KVUE'S Jenni Lee and Konner Barrick put on life vests and went on for a boat ride with officers. They made random stops and safety checks, because many on the water don't know the rules.

Senior Patrol Officer Christian Golecki has been with Lake Patrol for four years.

"Here's the bow. You get folks that sit up here like this when you're in motion, it's very unsafe. If you were to fall off, you would get sucked underneath," said Golecki.

Officers also made sure every boater had a life jacket, that there's a fire extinguisher on the boat, that there's a throw-away floatation device and that there's a horn that works.

Boating while intoxicated is something else officers look for.

But here's something you may not know: you can drink on the water, only you cannot be intoxicated and drive a boat.

"You can actually consume alcohol while you're operating the watercraft, as long as you're not intoxicated," said Golecki.

The boaters on one boat we stopped didn't mind.

"They keep everyone in check, so I think it's a good thing," said 18-year-old Madison Marshelia.

With Lake Travis' lower water levels, officers expected extra boat traffic on Lake Austin. But then it rained.