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LISTEN: 'I just want peace all over no matter what color you are' | Amplifying black voices during Austin protests

Protesters at a Huston-Tillotson rally wanted to amplify black voices, which is why you won't hear any voices in this story except for those in the march itself.

AUSTIN, Texas — On Sunday, June 7, there was a rally at Huston-Tillitson University, a historically-black college in East Austin. 

Protesters raised their fists and heard from numerous speakers. The group marched all the way from the university to the Texas State Capitol.

Credit: Hank Cavagnaro, KVUE
Credit: Hank Cavagnaro, KVUE

With the march, one of the main things the Austin Justice Coalition was hoping to do was amplify black voices. That's why in this story, you won't hear KVUE reporter Hank Cavagnaro's voice at all, but rather the voices of those in the march itself:

"So, today is our Black Lives Black Rally..."

"I want y'all to know that today is not just about police brutality..."

"This particular rally, we wanted to make sure we emphasized the black voices ... because we felt like that was something missed last week."

"I encountered deep-seated biases and I experienced being treated less than because the color of skin ... my gender ... and the institution where I work."

"I'm going to ask everybody ... I'm not going to ask you to be quiet too many times in life ... but please respect Mrs. Brenda Ramos, so everybody else please take a seat. She's right here up on the stage, thank you."

"Thank you for saying his name. Thank you for saying Mike Ramos. Thank you for believing that his life matters."

"If y'all gonna march with us? Line it up!"

"Mike Ramos life matters ... my son matters."

"Whose streets? Our streets!"

"We're marching for justice ... we're marching for peace ... that's all we want is peace. I just want peace all over no matter what color you are ... white, black, brown, purple, orange ... let's all get along. Let's live together. We got be here together ... might as well live together like we're supposed to."

"Say his name! George Floyd!"

"This march isn't just for one kind of person. This is a march for all people. This is a march for human decency."

"Black lives matter ... for George Floyd ... Breanna Taylor ... Ahmad Arbury ... black lives matter all day."

"To make sure the black voices are heard and that your voices were heard by everybody."

"I wish we didn't have to keep doing this, but we'll keep doing this until we can make some change or see some change."

"Black Lives Matter! Black Lives Matter! Black Lives Matter!"

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