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40 arrested during Austin weekend protests, more protesters calling for their release

Protests sprung up again in Downtown Austin, one week after a shooting that killed protester Garrett Foster.

AUSTIN, Texas — At least 40 people were arrested during Saturday night's protests, police said Monday.

More protesters stood outside of the Travis County Jail on Sunday evening, calling for their release and justice for Garrett Foster.

This comes after several protesters took to the streets along Interstate 35, outside of Austin police headquarters, near the Capitol building and even outside the house of Austin councilmember Kathie Tovo.

On Aug. 3, Austin police released the names and mugshots of the protesters arrested over the weekend (some mugshots have yet to be released, pending approval): 

The arrests include:

  • Bianca Ray Bangor for obstructing a highway
  • Christopher Richard Graves fro obstructing a highway
  • Stephen Lynn Walker for obstructing a highway
  • Cody James Hamm for interference with public duties
  • Rachel Anastasia Ellis for obstructing a highway and city ordinance violation
  • Vivian Maithoa Nguyen for obstructing a highway and city ordinance violation
  • Morgan Alana Scully for interference with public duties
  • Alyssa Brianne Trimble for interference with public duties
  • Syeda Uniba Batool Naqvi for obstructing a highway and city ordinance violation 
  • Farah Lynch for assault by contact
  • Sarah Beth Dye for interference with public duties
  • Chaz Washington for possession of dangerous drug and city ordinance violation
  • Alana Marie Brandt for obstructing a highway and city ordinance violation 
  • Jason Rene Guiterrez for city ordinance violation
  • Taylor Wharton Wilcox for assaulting a peace officer and city ordinance violation
  • Ann Hughes for city ordinance violation
  • Benjamin Hanil Song for aggravated assault
  • Anthony Dwayne Rose for obstruction a highway
  • Matthew Davidson for city ordinance violation
  • Jeffrey Donald Cameron for obstructing a highway
  • Sydni Estelle Beuhler for resisting arrest and obstructing a highway
  • Kaitlynn Rae Cassady for interference with public duties
  • Jorge Muniz for interference with public duties
  • Meghan Mulkey for obstructing a highway
  • Jesus Mendoza for obstructing a highway
  • Jonathan Zachary Drake for obstructing a highway
  • Lauren Kirkpatrick for obstructing a highway
  • Stephanie Rea Gautier for interference with public duties
  • Ismail Binelmer Abdurahman for obstructing a highway
  • Amanda Farris for obstructing a highway, failure to identify and city ordinance violation
  • Greena Marie Gioia for obstructing a highway
  • Jaser Masood for obstructing a highway and city ordinance violation
  • Bwalya Natasha Chisanga for obstructing a highway
  • Johnathan Gibson for obstructing a highway
  • Katherine Parker for interference with public duties
  • Mckenna Padgett for assault by contact
  • Matthew Cassady for obstructing a highway
  • Leslie Kay Lingle for obstructing a highway 
  • Daijah Mohair for obstructing a highway
  • Joshua McClain Franklin for city ordinance violation


The weekend's protests come one week after the death of Garrett Foster, who died after being shot by Daniel Perry, an active-duty U.S. Army sergeant who was working as a rideshare driver at the time of the shooting.

Perry's lawyer has claimed Perry was acting in self defense when he shot Foster. 

Perry claims that Foster approached his car and motioned for him to roll down his window. Initially, Perry said he thought Foster was a member of law enforcement. Perry said at some point, Foster raised his weapon at him, prompting him to shoot Foster.


Protests continue in Downtown Austin, week after deadly shooting

On Saturday night, several armed protesters were spotted outside a memorial to Foster in Downtown Austin. They told KVUE they showed up to protect people and hoped to see a peaceful protest.

Other protesters marched through Central Austin on Saturday, chanting, "APD has got to go," calling on the Austin City Council to slash funding for the police department in its upcoming budget.

The group took their message to Austin Councilmember Kathie Tovo's house after leaving the area near the University of Texas campus. They don't believe Tovo has asked for enough cuts to APD's budget.

On Friday, the Texas Department of Public Safety announced that six more people had been arrested in relation to crimes committed during protests at the Texas State Capitol on May 30 and 31. The arrests range from felony criminal mischief to riot and follow several other arrests earlier this month related to incidents at the protests.

WATCH: Saturday night protests in Downtown Austin, week after deadly shooting


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