A small group gathered in front of city hall Thursday with hopes the Austin City Council would hear their message - more police accountability is needed.

The rally spearheaded by the Austin Justice Coalition and several other groups is the latest for officer-involved incidents like Breaion King.

King, an elementary school teacher, was allegedly mishandled by Austin police officers in a 2015 traffic stop arrest video the KVUE Defenders obtained with the Austin American-Statesman.

Officer Richter wrote in his report that he acted quickly because King demonstrated an uncooperative attitude, and was reaching for the front passenger side of the vehicle.

Fatima Mann with AJC said for change to happen, policies within the police department need to change. Mann feels one thing that should change is the complaint process. Mann feels the city should commit to a public education campaign encouraging people to report inappropriate force.

"People are actually seeing that there is an issue. I think what social media has done is made the issues more real, people are having more conversations about those things," Mann said.

Also, Mann feels officers should use de-escalation tactics for situations that do not pose an immediate threat.

It's unclear whether council or APD will accept these changes.

APD charged King with resisting arrest, but the Travis County District Attorney's office dropped the charges after reviewing the police dashcam video.

Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo said the department opened an administrative review of Richter's supervisors into how they evaluated his actions. The Travis County District Attorney's Office said prosecutors will present Richter's case to a grand jury in the next several weeks for possible charges against him.