ROUND ROCK, Texas — New rules could be coming soon to protect pets in Round Rock.

At their city council meeting on Dec. 6, Round Rock leaders gave preliminary approval to changes to a current ordinance that lists a variety of rules intended to protect animals in the city.

The ordinance would ban people from leaving animals unattended in vehicles for any length of time. People would be banned from leaving animals in the back of a truck unless "the animal is confined to the vehicle by a vented container or cage, or by chain, rope, or other devise cross-tied to prevent the animal from falling or jumping from the motor vehicle or from strangling on a single leash,'" the ordinance reads.

Pet owners would also be required to microchip their animals.

And, under the new rules, it would be illegal to use a metal chain to tie or stake an animal.

City of Round Rock spokesperson Sara Bustilloz said the city saw the need for change a few years back to further protect the safety of animals.

“A lot of that was brought about by animal advocates within our community," Bustilloz said. "We had some new council members that brought some ideas to the table. And also our animal control officers who were out in the field and seeing these rules applied day to day.”

You can click here to see all the new rules that have been proposed under the ordinance.

Many spoke out in support of the new rules during Round Rock's city council meeting on Thursday evening.

"This is huge for dogs and huge for our community," resident Kimberly Bergen said. "I cannot stress what a positive impact this will have for greater well-being for tethered dogs in Texas."

The Round Rock City Council could give the ordinance the final vote of approval at their next meeting on Dec. 20.

According to Round Rock's list of fines, if you leave an animal in a car unattended, you could be fined $192.

If you improperly tie or stake an animal, you could be fined $142.