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Prop A supporters in Harker Heights fighting against city council's repeal

Some say they are ready to recall city council if they continue to oppose voter's desires.

HARKER HEIGHTS, Texas — Prop A supporters in Harker Heights won't be backing down any time soon.

The ordinance was overwhelmingly supported by Harker Heights voters, 64% were in favor of the marijuana-based ordinance.

However, on November 22, Harker Heights city council repealed the proposition.

KCEN reached out to Harker Heights Assistant City Manager Jerry Bark. Bark wrote in a statement, "the governing body of a municipality, the commissioners court of a county, or a sheriff, municipal police department, municipal attorney, county attorney, district attorney, or a criminal district attorney may not adopt a policy under which the entity will not fully enforce laws relating to drugs. The Council had no choice but to repeal the ordinance as it was inconsistent with state law."

Since then, Ground Game Texas has been leading the charge at making sure the voters of Harker Heights get what they asked for. 

Executive Director Julie Oliver says the organization has obtained the amount of signatures needed for a referendum, which would effectively put a pause or moratorium on the repeal of Prop A.

"We looked at the city charter to see what our recourse was, and one of the routes that we could take is a referendum," Oliver said.

Bark says the city has a December 22 deadline to approve the signatures that signed the petition. Should things check out, the next step would be voters in Harker Heights having to approve or repeal the city council's repeal of Prop A. Oliver says they want voters to repeal the repeal.

At that point, the city council would revisit Prop A and vote on it once again.

But Oliver says, if the voices of the people are not properly represented once again, they're willing to take it to another level.

"Should the citizens decide to go ahead and pursue recall at all, you could be looking at an entirely new Harker Heights city council in the not too distant future because the city council chose to ignore the will of the people," Oliver said.

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