What are transmission costs?

Transmission costs are not set by PEC. They are set by the Public Utility Commission of Texas based on the rates charged by the state’s transmission service providers.

What determines transmission costs?

PEC transmission costs are based on how much electricity PEC members use during four 15-minute peak events: periods of high use during June, July, August and September, usually between 2 and 6 p.m. These are referred to as Four Coincidental Peak (4CP) events, and determine PEC’s share of statewide transmission costs the following year. So if PEC members’ energy use is high during the 4CP events, PEC will be charged more in transmission costs the next year — and as that cost is passed directly through - PEC members will see a higher transmission cost on their bills next year.

How much could I save?

Take a look at your monthly PEC bill. For most residential members, the transmission costs comprise about 8-12 percent of the total due.

For the past six years, that number has been skyrocketing like the mercury in August. But never fear — if you and your fellow members all take on Power Rush Hour together, you can reduce that 8-12 percent of your bill.