Residents who use who the City of Pflugerville’s water system can earn $50 credit on their water bills by participating in a lead and copper test.

The city said it needs 228 residents to participate, and that residents with homes built after 1983 and do not have a water softener (or those willing to turn it off for a few days) can take part. If selected, the City of Pflugerville Public Works Department will deliver a sample bottle to the home. Residents will need to fill the bottle first thing the following morning with water from the faucet and leave it on the doorstep for pickup.

“The first 228 residents who meet all criteria and help the city comply with this required test will receive a $50 credit on their water bill for participating,” the city said.

People who meet the criteria are asked to email or call Public Works at 512-990-6400. Please leave your name, address and phone number, and the city will contact participants with details.